Laura (Romania)

Freedom Through Christ Ministries has been so impacting for me! Bob and Joan are one of the most professional counselors I know, guiding me through the process of healing with such kindness, wisdom and clarity!

They had such a special way of representing the Father’s heart as they revealed to me His never-ending mercy and perfect love.

One of the things that I loved the most was how they explained the connection between body, soul and spirit and how our emotions can even influence our health. God designed us as brilliant human beings with a divine sense of purpose and it’s amazing how science confirms many of the truths from the Word of God. I’ve learned that thoughts are important, that I have the ability to change the nature of my genes by the renewing of my mind and pass the good things to the next generation!

After I finished the program, I just couldn’t help but tell my friends to do it too!

Andreea (Romania)

“I heard about Bob and Joan from my sister. She went at Freedom Through Christ Ministries program and told me how powerful the process was. Therefore, I immediately went there too! The FTCM had so much impact in my life. They helped me remember that the lies of the enemy don’t define us and they have no longer the authority in our lives.

Despite the traumatizing experiences from my past, how I was struggling with my emotions in my childhood when I was humiliated in front of the class, I understood my true identity in Christ, that I am a child of God. He is always with us, protects us, fights for us and how important is all of these. I learned that I can change the generational curses and break every chain by proclaiming the Word of God over me and believe that with all of my heart.

Also, they opened up my eyes about how to forgive myself and others, about the spiritual healing and fear, about how to let go a lot of things from my past and let God bring restoration in my life. I see God totally different now and I can’t wait to see the miracles of God in my life. All makes sense now and I feel so much better knowing that God set me free. Ultimately, they both prayed for me and now I feel peace and security knowing that God loves me and I am embracing my destiny God has planned for me.

I feel blessed I had the privilege to take part of it. I had a wonderful time there. I will never forget the meeting and I encourage you to not miss the chance and to make time to participate at least at one of it, because it is inspiring, no matter in what circumstances you are in this moment, it will be very useful in the future. Bob and Joan do an amazing job with ministry and motivate many people by speaking words of wisdom on their lives, because words have a great power. I am truly thankful for them!”

Laura Cata (Romania)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your encouragement! You guys are awesome people and everyone wants to be around you.

I think it’s because you carry Jesus in you wherever you go and you make the people feel that they are important and special and you show you really  care about them, just like Jesus would do.

When we first meet me and Adi came home with a lot of heavenly energy and a lot to think about. Just because  we meet and talk and open up….

I hope some day we become people like you guys because humans needs that.

Fall of 2018 – Romania

Greetings to Everyone!

We wanted to send you all an update on our latest trip to Romania in September.  Sunday night, December 2, found us back in Oregon after being gone almost three months.  Our Son, Andy, and his wife, Lauren, had given us business class free tickets for our trip.  Words can’t express how thankful we were to be able to stretch out on the long flights instead of being squashed between seats.  We felt incredibly thankful to them.

The trip wasn’t as we had expected it to be, but was wonderful nevertheless.  We had hoped to spend quite a bit of time in the gypsy village at Lazareni. What was unexpected was an outbreak of Hepatitis A that affected so many there and lasted for a couple months.  Since we had never had the shots or the sickness and it is especially hard on older people and children, we opted to wait until it passed. It didn’t seem wise to risk being very ill there.

Instead, we ended up being blessed to go to some other places before we finally made it to Lazareni.  We were able to send things to them even though we didn’t visit in person.

One of the fun things we did was go to the village of Tinca where a young lady named Rachel we had met years ago has been for quite some years now.

Our son, Jeff, and his wife, Stacy, came to Romania to be a part of what we were doing.  A couple things we were able to do was to take the kids at Tinca some school supplies and water bottles they needed.  In addition, we were able to take treats for a little party and have some games and presents for the kids.

Alex and Bianca, our dear young Romanian friends, came dressed as clowns and really were amazing working with the kids there.  They have such a wonderful gift with children that is so natural and God given. They have been such a personal blessing in our lives these past years.  They both really love the Lord and have such giving hearts.

We met some new friends this trip and also were able to develop a deeper relationship with some we have known on our last trip and prior years.

There was opportunity for personal ministry with people.  We were able to train Laura, a new friend, to do Freedom Through Christ Ministry.  She has such a sweet spirit and a natural gift for loving and helping people along with her husband Vlad.  They own a gym in Oradea and are a blessing to many people there. You can read her testimony and her sister’s testimony under our Testimony section.  We added three new testimonies from this trip.

God has blessed us to know some absolutely incredible people in Romania.  They tell us we are a blessing, but our lives are so much richer from knowing all of them and being able to hear and see their hearts as they graciously share their lives with us.  This trip had a lot of one on one time going on.

A group of our young ladies we know from Sighisoara, our young friend, Gyongyi from Oradea, and our son and his wife met up with Bianca and Florine in Cluj.  Meeting up in Cluj we all went to the salt mines in Turda, a town close by Cluj. It was really fun as we all stayed at an apartment that slept 10 of us. We got to see the underground lake in the salt mine and play ping pong under ground together.  I think the salt mine had the most stairs I have ever walked in one place!

We were also able to go to church there and loved it.  The people there were so friendly and you could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in such a sweet way.

Time allowed us to take a trip down to Sighisoara for a birthday party for two of the girls there.  They had a really fun pretty much all day party. The kids they worked with came in the morning for a party followed by the adults later on.  Sighisoara is one of the cities where you hear stories about Dracula. On Sunday we were able to attend the mission church there which is out of Mexico and working with poor children in the city.  Again the presence of Holy Spirit was very strong and such a blessings.

Finally the sickness lifted in Lazareni, and we were able to visit our wonderful friends there.  A lot of work has been accomplished. This is an amazing group of people working together and being faithful to improve their lives and the village.  The embroidery is so beautiful it looks like a machine did it instead of being done by hand. Because of everyone who partners with us we were able to do quite a few things for the village this trip.  Buying a new wood stove to heat the sewing room was one of the things the ministry and friends were able to do. The sewing room was in an old building that was in pretty bad shape. The guys there were able to lay new flouring, painting, insulating and reorganizing.  It made a huge difference in working conditions.

We were also able to help with a home that was being built and another one we were able to help put a roof and insulation in the ceiling for one of the workers there where they desperately needed the room for a new baby and newly married couple added to the family with only one bedroom and very small kitchen where they cook on the wood-stove that also heats the house.  The young couple was having to sleep on the kitchen floor with mats, so it was awesome that they got to enclose the new room before the baby comes which is due in December.

Due to timing we were only able to spend one day sewing new projects and made two different types of pot holders, but I also was able to take a pattern and material for a clutch wallet purse and they were able to make one after we left.

Our last trip back to Cluj right before we left was very special.  We were able to spend some good time with the young Romanian pastor and his wife who are a very special couple indeed.  Their hearts for the people to allow them to follow the passion and gifts in their hearts was so great to see and hear about.  Another big blessing was meeting up and getting to spend time with Jim and Becky who we had previously met in Sighisoara. Making a new home in Cluj, they have a desire to be a blessing and encouragement there.  God is going to use them in a mighty way. Below is a picture of the Romanian Pastor and his wife, (Radu and Dalia, front) and Jim and Becky (back).

The church in Cluj invited us to go with them to a poor village out of Cluj where they are doing some great things for the children.  Even though the church is small, many turned out to bless the children and give them such a fun time learning about God. The time was packed full of singing, a funny skit about Joseph and Pharaoh and a great party.  Our small part was to add some of those fun punching balloons for the kids and a sweet treat for everyone and to just help serve and clean up.

Fellowshipping, feeding and spending time with different groups of friends there was so much fun.  We feel so blessed that God has allowed us to spend time with so many gifted, very amazing young adults.  Our hearts have stored up many treasured memories from being with them. God is going to do some very amazing things through their lives that will make a difference.

Our young friend, Gyongyi (picture below), is such a wonderful amazing artist.  She has a website if you want to check out her work. She did a prophetic vision piece for our friend here that is really beautiful. Visit:

So now we are nesting in for the holidays waiting to see what God has next in mind for us.  One huge thing we got to do in Romania was study a lot about how your body, soul and spirit all work together.  We spent months praying for God to bring our hearts and minds into agreement with His Word and to understand how amazing God has created us to be.  We learned about a new discovery. I read about the God Code discovered from Gregg Branden on YouTube. Basically it tells about the discovery linking the Biblical alphabets of Hebrew and Arabic to modern chemistry.  There was a lost code that was translatable with the alphabet and a clue to the mystery of our origins. When they applied the discovery to the elements of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon that form our DNA with the key letters of the ancient languages the message was revealed.  Letters of God’s ancient name are encoded as the genetic information in every cell of every life. The message was “God/Eternal with in the body.”

My heart was so touched that it is like we are God’s masterpiece and just as an artist signs his work, even so God signed our DNA showing that He was the master creator for us.  The Scripture from Ecclesiastes 3:11 also came to my mind that “God has planted eternity in the hearts and minds of man.” Once again Creation and Science is showing the glory of God.  This past year especially, my heart has been so filled with wonder as I see the intricacies of how our cells and DNA and things work. The incredible potential and possibilities God has for us if we will only embrace them and renew our minds as we find healing in our hearts.  

So personally, this has been a life changing year in our hearts for Bob and I.  We find ourselves getting closer to understanding the amazing love and gifts God has for us.  We truly feel a new freedom and confidence and passion to follow after such an amazing God. I often think about how many years ago I read the book, Through Gates of Splendor, about Jim Elliot a missionary who was martyred in Peru.  He said you give what you cannot keep to get that which you can never loose.  God is truly sending His Spirit out to whosoever will may come for a new deeper understanding and healing and freedom so we can actually do the greater works Jesus  said we could do. There is no personal pride involved because it is after all only that we have released Holy Spirit to do the work through us.

Maybe you be blessed as never before in this new season God is bringing to us.  May your hearts soar with joy as we celebrate His coming the first time and look forward to His return.

Many thank yous to all of you who have prayed and given for Romania through us.  We were able to put almost $5,000 this trip into the village of Lazareni alone because of your giving hearts.


Many Blessings,

Bob and Joan

July 2018

Greetings Everyone!

This is an exciting month for us.  God opened the door for us to return to Romania for three months with the idea of applying for an extension to stay for six months.  Our son, Andy, gave us a wonderful present of using his miles to fly us there business class!  This is a very huge blessing for us.  Not only does it save us the plane fare but offers amazing comfort.  At our age to be able to stretch out your legs and not have them aching from being bend for so many hours is a very big gift.

Here are some pictures of Nico using the tiller this spring from the last trip.  He is one happy man using it instead of digging it all up by hand.

Already our trip has been blessed before we ever start it.  Another wonderful thing has already happened.  One of the new ladies in the sewing program and her husband and three children have been living in the typical shack there made of mud straw etc. This allows rats inside of the house.  They had $500 to start a foundation on a small but concrete block house that will be safe and warm.

We had money enough to send $1,500 in the FTCM account from doing ministry and from our friends who have helped us fund projects.  That will allow them to start putting up walls and hopefully be an encouragement to them.  The cost of building a home like that is $6,500 for materials and the family and others help with the construction.  In this way with them doing work on it there is more pride in ownership.

Below is a picture of a typical house and also one of the few new ones Caleb Foundation (that we work with in the village) has built.  Below is also a picture of the new couple being baptized this summer and of the land preparation where they will build the new house

Bob wants to train two new young men in the wood shop.  The ones who have been trained are now working which is great.  However, we want to activate the wood shop again using the tools that we all donated in past years.  Please help us by sending any new ideas for  craft/sewing projects for the ladies.  It would be awesome to do something with the teen girls who might be interested in sewing.   Two new ladies have entered the sewing project this past year.

As always we will be praying and ministering to people and have a couple people interested in coming over to teach.  Our friends in Tennessee, Pat and Jim, did a great job teaching and sharing on nutrition and healing herbs the last trip and hope to return and do more.  A couple others with special teaching gifts have also expressed interest.  Our hope is also for us to do some group teaching while we are there and partner and help others who are doing awesome things there.

Teaching some English classes at the village is something I am looking into.  What usually happens is that we go not knowing all we will do.  As the days pass the Lord brings people across our path and doors open to do other projects.  Being flexible seems to be the key.

It’s great fun to do a Christmas party when we are there each year and sometimes one for Valentines Day.  This year going while the weather is still nice, instead of November like last year, we are thinking of making a fun Saturday for the village kids bringing ice cream and having games like relay races, 3 legged and other ideas.  We are ordering some inexpensive plastic and ribbon medals to give the winning teams trying to be sure everyone gets a chance to win.  plus ice cream is a wonderful treat they very seldom get.

Fun is great but we are always looking for lasting impact projects that can change lives.  One of the best things we ever did was buy the portable dental unit.  The people were blessed with a new dentist coming to the village who used the unit.  many hundreds of procedures have been done with the unit and it is still functioning.  The impact on their health from this unit is very big.

Because our friend Ligia worked on our manual with better translating and graphic art we will be able to use the Romanian translation this trip working with our friend, Teo, (below) that we trained on the last trip.

Check out another very gifted young artist we know in Romania.  She’s is praying for breakthrough and would love to illustrate books.  We are really impressed with her talent.Her website is:  Her head in the clouds is one of my favorites.

Please pray for us to have a fruitful trip free from accidents, sickness and for much energy to keep up with all those young people.  Gotta hold our reputation!  We value your prayers more than words can say.  There will be some traveling to probably at least two other cities and traffic there can feel pretty crazy at times!

One of our desires for years now has been to start a Prayer/Healing/Ministry room in Oradea where people can walk in from the street for help.  This would require us to rent and redo a space and have provision.  The Lord provides for what He plans for us to do and in His timing.  We are just waiting to see if He makes a way for it somehow on this trip.  We are praying for divine appointments along the way and if He might have someone there for us to partner with.  We would appreciate your prayers.

Big thank you’s to everyone who has helped financially with projects and for trusting us to pray and make wise decisions.  Being accountable to you all and Our Lord for what we do there is very big for us.  We hope you are all enjoying summer.  It sure seems to be flying past us quickly.

Many blessings to you all,

Bob and Joan Phillips

Winter 2017-2018

Greetings from London!

We just spent a wonderful three months in Romania. Now we are in London until April 21. It was a time of very special fellowship and ministry with old and new friends.

The time we stayed with our friends Alex and Bianca was great fun and we did a lot of cooking and Bianca learned to make drapes and pillows and had so much fun that Alex bought her a sewing machine and she is taking classes now.

It was fun spending time with Julia and Cristi also.  Here are some of our friends at our Christmas party.  Check out Joan’s  new look.


On a trip to Cluj we met up with some young friends, Bianca and Florin (above), and met their pastor, Dennis. God has put an amazing vision in their hearts for the city. We could see how our friends had grown so much in the Lord and in their love for each other.

A trip to Sighisoara was a very special time meeting new people and seeing what God is doing in that city. It was a time of building some lasting relationships with these amazing people, the Schuster family, who have so much love in their hearts. We also had the opportunity to minister to a group there on an all day Saturday and Sunday morning meeting.   Our friend, Gyongyi, went with us and translated for us into Hungarian.  Elfriede (top below) and Rose (under below) two very special sisters from the Schuster family came to London to visit us and we hope they will come to the states one day along with Gyongyi.


Going to the gypsy village is always a joy. Alina and George have done an incredible job allowing God to transform the lives of the people there through them. It is not an easy job, and we always pray God to bless them for surrendering so much time and effort to see this happen.

We saw the 100 fruit trees were growing nicely that Jim and Linda had donated last year and in the fence were all the chickens who were likefertilizer machines for the trees since they were running around free range. They also had planted a field of corn to help feed the chickens and goats. They had seven goats that Nico was taking care of that gave milk for the kindergarten kids at the village. While we were there, two sets of twins were born and another set right after we left so now the herd has almost doubled! They are such pretty goats and the babies are adorable. There will be lots of milk for the village children.

Jim and Linda also gave money this year to buy 150 new chickens so that will be fun to see when the weather warms up a bit. It’s been really cold there this winter.

A very huge blessing came from our friend, Sally. She donated the money to buy a big tiller with attachments to plow the fields and it can also be used up in the village for the gardens there so they won’t have to be dug by hand. This is a very exciting thing and they can’t wait for the ground to dry enough to get out and start using it. They were going on line at the office there to watch all the things it will do. This is a long lasting life changing gift for sure to make life easier for them all.

For the sewing ministry there were new projects we brought for them and we were able to purchase a lot of new supplies for them to make them. It was so much fun making them, and nice to have new things so it’s not boring making the same thing over and over.

Two of the teachers and Meea modeled a few of the ponchos and aprons they made.




At Christmas and Valentine’s Day we had fun helping to make a party for all the village kids with pizza, prizes and gifts. We want to share the things we were able to do, because without everyone’s prayers and sharing we would not have been able to do all of this.

We were able to give money to help some people in need and also put a floor in a bedroom to make it warmer, help a young man with some seed money for a business he wanted to start growing raspberry bushes on his grandmother’s farm to sell.

Another big thing was the dental unit we all got for the village is still working very well, but they hadn’t had a dentist in awhile to use it. So the young lady from Brazil who was there before and did such a good job could come back for a month if she had money for a room and food. Thanks to everyone who helped us, we brought her back. It seemed to us a great investment to not let the unit sit idle when there is such a big need for it. So she is back again treating not only the gypsy village but anyone poor from the regular village where a doctor has let us use a room in his clinic and the sterilization unit.

Our friends from Tennessee, Pat and Jim, came over our last week and did teaching and sharing about nutrition, natural remedies and health issues. They were a very big blessing and touched many lives.

A young lady, Ligia, who is a graphic designer has helped us through another friend and also our friend Teo (pictured here) to translate our ministry book into Romanian. Ligia made us much nicer illustrations. We are trying to get that all set up while we are here in London. Teo has also been trained in doing FTCM and will carry on while we are gone.

While in London we are staying with our friends, Sebi and Robert, who are a huge blessing in our lives. We have also gotten to go to Ipswich to see our friends Dorina and Manu and some of our other young adult Romania friends who have come to work in London. Our young friend, Claudia, came to London some years ago by herself working and going to university getting her masters degree and is now working for the government and going to Saudi Arabia for the embassy this month. We are so proud of her. We went to dinner with her and Jim and Pat while they were here.

Our hearts are very thankful that the Lord has given us the health and provision to come to Romania so many times throughout the last 27 years. Our lives are so much richer because of the amazing people we have met and the love they have in their hearts. Our heartfelt thanks go to each one of you for the prayers, encouragement and help you have extended to us and to Romania. We have had the blessing of being the messengers and delivery people for all that you have given. May God bless you many times over for the giving hearts you have.


Bob and Joan

Marcela (Oradea Romania)

My name is Marcela, I am a mom of four beautiful girls and a foster parent of two amazing boys. I am a christian since I was 16 and Ive been serving the Lord together with my husband in different ministries. I had a very rough childhood and that affected my future a lot, I was very sick for a long period of time. My daugther met Bob and Joan at the Salem church Oradea and she insisted on meeting them. We had two meetings together and it was such a blessing! At the first meeting they ministered me with presenting the truth and helping me remember and connect all the things that hurt me so much in my childhood. As an effect of  all the childhood trauma I used to have pain in all my body, wake up during the night time at the same hour feeling that someone is trying to kill me, and having no clear diagnostic from any doctor. After my first session with Bob and Joan I was delivered and a lot of physical pain went away, and also the waking up at the same hour in the night stoped. But after that meeting for the fallowing nights I started remembering more traumatizing experiences from my childhood and I constantly had a migraine. Meeting Bob and Joan for the second time, they ministered me and I was delivered! This ministry is so important, because most christians even if they serve the Lord all their lives they have things going on in their lives they cannot control, things that they were victim of or they inherited. I hope that you will come back to Romania and continue to ministry christians in need, because this is such a blessing! Marcela Sana

Rose (Sighisoara Romania)

Before going through this ministry, I heard many good things about Bob and Joan from friends. While I was visiting a friend in London, I had the opportunity to look into something they have written and I was like “this is so true… I totally agree. I want to have these things implemented in my life.” Therefore, our church group invited them over to have some seminars together on a weekend. All the things they taught were very deep and I was not keeping pace with it all, because I like to contemplate and soak it all in. That is why I personally came back to all that they told us and I was truly blessed beyond words. They taught on wholeness, the orphan spirit and whole- heartedness. The best part was when I had the privilege to pray individually with both of them. I think what affected me most was how honest, open, sweet, encouraging and caring Bob and Joan are. They made me understand that rejection hurts the heart in many ways and can cause me to believe the lies of the enemy, which he uses to form a stronghold in me. All this matters because those strongholds can limit my walk with God, which for me is the most important thing in my life. There are lies (that the cross is not enough or that my value comes from what I do or what others think of me) which we have to face and declare the truth instead. I have also learned from them that it is good to cut every unhealthy emotional soul tie I had in my life. Even just talking about what was on my heart and sharing with them my struggles was immensely helpful and I felt as free as a bird afterwards.

December 2017

We are very blessed to be back in Romania until Feb 15, and in the UK until May 13.  Its been such a joy to go to the gypsy village again.  We brought four new projects for them to increase the products they can make and sell.

The orders continue to come in for them.  At the yearly conference of people from Brazil, they had a display and sold some things there also.

The 100 fruit trees our friends Jim and Linda bought last year are growing great.  They added 40 chickens into the fenced area around the trees with some chicken houses and they are making great fertilizer for the trees!

They also have 7 goats and 5 of them are pregnant.  This will give the children there milk. The funny thing is the goats have been licking the salt off of George’s van.  We joked he can start a goat car wash and only 3 days to lick your car clean!  They planted a field of corn to help feed the goats and chickens and God blesses them with a bumper crop.

A wonderful lady dentist from Brazil brought an assistant with her and has done many more procedures.  This was an amazing blessing and not only have many gypsies gotten dental work but also some of the poor Romanians from the area.

We saw a whole book full of procedures that have been done.  It was a huge blessing to see how God has used the unit and the dentist told us how great it is holding up.

We had a Christmas party in Oradea for about 30 people, and then also had parties for the village children (about 120 children).

Bob and Nikko build a wall of shelving for us and a wall of hooks to better organize the fabric and supplies for the increase in orders coming in.

We had a blessed time during our visit to Cluj where we met up with a young couple and their pastor.  What a wonderful vision they have!  It was very exciting to listen and share with them.  God’s plans are so much greater than we can imagine.

We pray all of you have wonderful Christmas memories this year and a New Year filled with dreams come to pass.

Many blessings,
Bob and Joan

Winter 2016-2017

What a blessing it was to be in Europe this winter.  Alex and Bianca invited us to stay at their apartment in Romania for a month.  It was so much fun being with them.  Bob and Alex did some projects in their apartment to fix it up and had such a great time doing them.  They also introduced us to some new friends there that we hadn’t been privileged to meet before.  We loved being able to fellowship and pray with them and encourage each other along with our other friends we have made over the years.

Going to the gypsy village of Lazareni was so encouraging.  Their skill level has increased so much.  They have been faithful and diligent to move forward and God has really blessed their efforts.  George and Alina, with Caleb Foundation, have done such an impressive job there encouraging everyone to be more self-reliant.  While we were there, we had fun helping them with a new project of making aprons to sell.  Mugurel was able to sew them and the ladies did beautiful embroidery on them.  Alina told us that they already have orders for them.  This gives them a new product to earn money from besides the cards they embroider.

Robin from Arnies Arts and Crafts in Michigan sent lots of embroidery thread for them.  We were also able to buy some very nice fabric for aprons and cards along with a new line of thread that became available there since our last trip.  This will give them a great start as they bring in more money from sales to restock their supplies and receive wages.

Now that it is fenced in, they will be planting 100 fruit trees very soon.  Our friends, Jim and Linda donated the money for them.  This will be such a huge blessing.  Thanks to our other friends including, Bill and Becky, Bob and Sharon, Brian and Cheryl, Pat and Jim, and Dennis and Kim, we were able to support two men in the village who will oversee and keep the woodshop and sewing projects going.  We were also able to donate some more wood for the wood-shop.

Alex and Bianca helped us out as clowns and donating towards the treats for the kids at the village during a party we had for the kids.  It was a great time with food treats and gifts of bracelets, stickers, little lights and balloons.  The clowns were a huge hit.  We had brought some tricks we bought over and taught Bianca how to do them.  She had just as much fun and as the kids did, we think.

The portable dental unit has been used to do over 460 procedures already.  The young dentist from Brazil is coming back with another friend to do more with it.  What an immense job this has done towards better teeth and health in general in the village by eliminating infections and pain.

Sebi and Robert, our young Romanian friends in London, invited us to stay with them at their flat.  We always have such an amazing time with them having fun adventures and spiritual time together.  We will be visiting the healing rooms and their church tomorrow (HTB).  We believe we will be doing ministry with them in the future!  God has bonded our hearts together about this.

Emanuel and Dorina invited us to Ipswich while we were in London.  It was a great visit and we got to visit their church and small group meeting which has an interesting blend of people from all over Europe.  It was such a comfort to feel at home with people you never met before, as you feel the same Holy Spirit and His presence.  It felt like such an open free church to the move of God’s Spirit.

This has been an amazing time for us.  We have seen a young generation of 20s and 30s being raised up and prepared for the new season in God.  The week we return home will be one of ministry and fellowship with a group of friends in Chattanooga TN.  Our house in Georgia sold, and we are not sure where we will go from there.  Our trust is that the Lord will show us in our hearts what our next step will be.

Please check out the Foundation Teaching we put in the teaching section on our menu.  Our young friend, Jean, in Romania who is a very talented artist and computer graphics specialist made us some animated illustrations for the teaching.  Then Robert, in London, made us a new website that is an improvement over our old one.  More things will be added when we get settled back at home including our new location.

Again we thank everyone of you for your prayers and gifts you gave to Romania that have been such a blessing to so many there.

God’s blessings to you all,

Bob and Joan