Theo (Romania)

I’m feeling so much better and it was truly a blessing for me to talk pray and everything! I will forever be grateful to God because I get to meet with you and listen to your heart and receive so much from you. I feel powerful and renewed in my spirit. I feel loved and protected. The thoughts and advice you gave me is so powerful it really changed and helped me so much. I wish I had more time and privilege to see what God is doing through you. You are motivating me to desire to want to help others too and I often feel that I want to bring more people to your ministry. I received every word hug and love with my heart open and I do love and admire you so much. Big hugs!!

Jim and Pat (Tennessee)

We first met Bob and Joan in April 2016. Then in June 2016, we heard them teach about the orphan spirit. After hearing the teaching, we realized the orphan spirit described our lives. We set up an appointment to go through the entire Freedom Through Christ Ministry. WOW! We were blessed beyond description! The lights turned on! And God gave us more and more freedom as hidden lies were revealed and replaced with the Truth.

Pat and Jim (Tennessee)

Claudia (London)

Bob and Joan have truly enabled me to meet with God. Their ministry cast light on behavioral tendencies and curses I had over my life. They were not necessarily of my own making and helped me to walk toward freedom and forgiveness in all those areas. Receiving ministry from Bob and Joan introduced me to the Father’s love, and that is when I understood that God likes me. He is not against me and that He is with me no matter what. When hard times come, I am reminded of all the truths I have learned from Bob and Joan. This enables me to carry on and seek God first. Even though it’s been 10 years since this wonderful couple ministered to me, I continue to be blessed by them.

Alex and Bianca (Romania)



When I first meant Bob and Joan, it was at church. They ministered to me and found out about my relationship with my father from my childhood. During the ministry I felt that I went back when I was a little girl and my dad promised me things that he never did. Before that I saw God only through Jesus. Never was God like a Father to me. I didn’t really understand that because my real father didn’t have time to spend with me.  He loves me, but because of the work he never was home and always too tired to spend time with me.
This ministry helped me so much, because since then I opened my eyes to see my Heavenly Father. It helps me to break every chain and generational bondage.  Also, during that time I just met a Christian boy.  He also went to see Bob and Joan to minister to him.
After that we became close to each other and wanted to know more about Him. Without Bob and Joan, I don’t know if today we would be married. They gave us encouragement and wisdom in our relationship.


Since this amazing couple come in my life, I get encouraged and helped to pass a lot of my fears.  They helped me to let down a lot of things from my past.  My healing helped me to step in my destiny like a child of God. Through this blessed people, I see God totally differently.  Because I had no father to guide me, I saw a distorted God who was like my father.  I have experienced a time like when I was in my mother womb. I wanted to came out from it, because when I was there my father spoke bad words on my mother’s life.  This afected me while I was in the womb. From this ministry, Bob and Joan helped me and Bianca get closer, our gifts are growing, and I helped Bianca encouraging her and helping her and sustaining her.  This ministry was a great blessing.  They believed in us, and now we are married just from 1 and a half year from ministry.  We  bless each other with our presence, and we spoke to other people with this good news.  We are examples for others.  We pray for them and encourage them healing them physically and spiritually.  What this couple gave us, we gave forward to others.  We folow their example and their advice every time we talk with them. We love them.  Bob is the single person who told me if I was his boy, he will be very proud. About my wife they told the same thing.  We feel like their children, and we are grateful for that.  These people revolutionized our lives. We love you Bob and Joan.

Clark Casewell (Oregon)


Clark Casewell (Oregon)

 The Freedom Through Christ program has been a very powerful tool for my wife and I. Even as dedicated believers of 30+ years it was amazing to discover how much hurt and emotional scars we were still carrying around that we weren’t even aware of.

Our story was a little unique because we were getting ready to be trained by Bob and Joan to lead others through the FTCM process. They indicated that before we could go through the training or lead others through the program we needed to experience it for ourselves. This, of course, made great sense and we embraced the opportunity to grow further in our faith and spiritual journey. Little did we realize how powerful it was going to be in our lives.

What is so amazing and powerful about the program is the way it naturally tailors itself to the maturity level and spiritual experience of the recipient. Regardless of the background and spiritual path one has taken to this point in their life, the program speaks right to them at the level that the Holy Spirit has prepared them for. By it’s design it is customized by the Holy Spirit to minister to everyone from caring and nurturing families and backgrounds, to those with very traumatic and painful pasts.

We have now had the privilege of leading many other people through the program. Without fail, a lot of tears flow, lies of the enemy are exposed and replaced with right scripturally-based Godly thinking, forgiveness and healing are received, and true freedom in Christ is launched in their lives.

Laura Casewell

Laura Casewell (Oregon)

FTCM has been very impacting for me. The simple but profound truth of who I am in Christ was something I had been struggling with all my adult life since I believed I was a “mistake.” Promises don’t apply to mistakes, and “mistakes” weren’t part of the original plan…that’s what I struggled with. But since my encounter with the truth of who I am in Jesus I feel like a different person! I am walking in the truth the Holy Spirit spoke to me…God had a specific reason for me to be born! Just know that I am having a blast walking that out!

Since Clark and I have become facilitators of FTCM, I have enjoyed watching others walk into the freedom that Jesus intended for us all along. I love being a part of this ministry, and I love even more watching the faces of others when they allow the Holy Spirit to break off the power of the lies they have been living under!

I am blessed every day from having gone through this and am so thankful to the two of you for being obedient to God’s calling on your lives to this ministry. I really am grateful!



Gyöngyi (Romania)
“I am happy that I took part in Freedom Through Christ Ministries, and I am very thankful for Bob and Joan. They welcome your thoughts and treat you with love, support and respect. I really feel that they opened my eyes, and I found out lot of things about my life (in the past and present), and things that were right in front of me, I just never thought of them. I remember how playful and smart was the process and I am amazed how everything makes sense now. They helped me to recognize my destiny, my journey, my gifts and to stick to my God given identity. I used to struggle with anxiety, but I barely had any anxiety issues since this ministry and I am just extremely thankful for this wonderful experience. We all need to allow God to work in our lives and to see everything through His eyes, because He loves us.

It really was a blessing to meet Bob and Joan and I highly recommend Freedom Through Christ Ministries to everyone.”

Theodora (Romania)

Theodora (Romania)

I was praying for a long time for someone like Bob and Joan to come into my life, not just because of who they are but how God can be seen in them.Have you ever wanted to see God’s love in a more tangible way? There was a divine love transfered through them in my life.God sent them in a moment of real desperate time and needed help.I don t think I will ever forget any of the ways they took time to explain the process of Gods healing and restoration and it is so practical and usefull.It s like a tattoo of Gods word in my mind that will remain and I can always look and remind myself of who I am and what the trurh of God says. I have the printed sheets they wrote about the truth og God and the lies of satan . It was so easy for me to believe the lies of Satan for such a long time but just undestanding the truth of God it set me free. I am forever free. I will believe the truth of God about who I am in Christ. There was a complete, blessed and powerful encounter and I am forever thankfull because it really shaped my tomorrow. My today is diffrent because I choose to be honest and let God show me the truth about every aspect of my life. I believe every family,every church, every person should experience the freedom of talking to someone about their life and then watch the miracles of God.Through people like Bob and Joan who understood their calling and followed His heart I encourage you to step up in faith and think about your life, look for the freedom you can have in Christ and embrace the truth of His word.If you can don t miss the chance to recieve healing and freedom.I hope you are inspired and encouraged Be blessed